Monday, January 24, 2011

which one is beauty?

                                                     alex wex...nature beauty
                                      lady gaga.....weird

hye there...just need to says something my opinion abaut the beauty..
cpmpare both of the pic, of coz people bole blur to choose which one kan..
but interm of astectic, yea sure...for me yg sarat with many element is the beutiful...but what the different is about what they try to show..some people mybe said that simple is beauty, but let me know is it simple in art? art is evrything and no limititon, the creativity suppose to be going out of thinking. just remember to those people which intersted in with it still art rite?...human with some design on body, totally not simple as human behavior anymore. why there really teruja do that that walaupon it i can conclude that beauty is subjective,depend on the person judge them self. beauty shown identity, characteristic, and also inner self.
 yea..not the mistake both of that of coz the women, just what make them different is the PERSONALITY...which is show their identity...tq

so, what ur opinion about this?hahahhaha  
 emmm.....some people same like me ;-P