Tuesday, January 18, 2011


hye there...
what is joy of work?..emm the term mostly shown how people enjoy with their work. Reffering to the our field art and design of couse we need our own space to make a new creation in art. The 'space' what i mean is about our freedom without any mine blocking. Just give an example in art, what will happen if we doing in very guideline, it totally bored and too limited creation. Early Art Nouveu, term of 'joy' totally gone with the life scenery, people working in the pressure scenario because in the era technology make people like a slave. At the time no rule and guideline about the working, all people including children, women, or old man doing a same work. Day until night just working without a quality of life such as a without any facilities. the era shown how poor people try survivor with working like a horse without any joy.

                                   hard working people without a good petty

That is about the Art Nouveu era. in the real life in modern era, totally change when the concept of joy change. Previous history shown that joy always refer to slave, today joy concept show how the artist especially designer kick the joy of work. Back to the freedom in art slowly down when in the new era, artist creation base on what people need. As a designer, we a working to make our client 'enjoy' with their need. in this case actually same like previous history when the artist/worker try hard to follow another side guideline in creation. Another side means client or boss such as manipulated people.
The new modern era, I can say that we are working in the limitation idea, space of thinking when what we try doing should be in rational case. How ever, our civilization show a law, and human rite factor but 'joy' of work still loose. This is the real life because of what we doing just for people satisfaction only.
So I would like to conclude that, 'joy' of work totally gone slowly and what designer do not enjoy that because their own idea blocking with people satisfaction.

we a designer, but we cant do anything...we have ideas, but too limit when we produce...that make not 'joy' anymore...same like a slave working without our own satisfaction.tq