Tuesday, February 1, 2011


During the Baroque period, textile is the main industry build and slowly become the bigger industry in the era. because of that, the impact also influence for fashion industry which is as a importance aspect to show the status in their life. Of cause at he time women is the main character to show how textile build successful with the daily life environment. We already know that at the era people very particular about their status and they try to show how different every single people with their attire. Actually that is the small fact, but I would like to says that the period show how avangarde scene  about their fashion it self. The textile using in fashion totally too much, same like to show the arrogant to public.

 At the time, fashion scenario shown how people wearing will tell about their status. The environment of status make the different among the society. High class society mostly wearing very grand dress fashion not especially for women. The fashion not just for wearing for some party or festival, but more to daily life using. Fashion and textile bring a dimension for  the era because of the textile technology growth up at time, and because of that fashion become popular with the new outcome from the textile. However, fashion slowly getting change with the new modern era, the  fashion and textile change from the design also the fasion it self. 

Just for example for the scenario, we can see how the fashion and textile totally change, term of 'less is more' shown how the era and the fashion change. People using a new creativity created a new fashion also textile material, compare from the previous era when people attire more avangarde and now less using material and of  cause it look better and trendy suitable for this era. That is normal, in fashion or textile because people always try to change and doing something new. In fashion maybe base on the fashion look more simple and if in textile it self the design more using stylization   concept.

However, fashion especially will turn back from the basic such as 'what goes up must goes down' means that the early fashion still influences our new fashion era.Picture above shown that 2 deference type of fashion but still using same characteristic. For the conclusion, fashion and textile getting less functional in the industry because of transformation era and  designer ideology base on what people need. What the easy word of 'LESS IS MORE' clear and already tell us about the real scenario.
OMG!!!!!...this is future fashion????????
ask your self...........