Wednesday, January 12, 2011


what do you think?

The term already shown that anything is possible. Just come back in the Baroque period many thing happen and changes. Basically Baroque art born from the church reformation created by Martin Luther one of christian leader in German around 1521. The movement called Protestantism start when christian in north Europe not sacrifice with church institution when many thing happen such as corruption, hypocrite,  and many thing.

                                                    (Martin Luther 1483-1546)

In the same time church community not going proper way in their religion. Problem like wedding, gamble, drunk, and in the same time the not doing well respectful their Marry and Christ. The problem appear when  the catholic church more support and secure art work which not suitable. the situation shown that how individual thinking force to change previous ideology using a intellectual thinking. why i said that is intelctual thinking? This is because those people using a rite way to change and they already know what the best thing for them.

What everything happen come from a root of life style, for example when church institution using unsuitable indoor painting as a decoration, means that at the time christian community not supportive with art element. example of the painting :

                                              ( Sistine Chapel , Michelangelo)

                                                 ( Sistine Chapel , Michelangelo)

                                                 ( Sistine Chapel , Michelangelo)

At the period, we known that religion is the most importance in the era. Build from the aspect of life which is people looking forward about the religion other than development, knowledge, and science. Culture and human norm are most of priority to build a great momentum to the development. Base on that, i already shown how Michalangelo painting which is totally out of human culture. Clear the painting inthe church show a naked body, including a mix up story from Great elements. This is the reason why Martin Luther should do something to change christian community idealogy.

Referring that early religion about, totally clash with that element and more to modernize thinking. Why I call modernize thinking? This is because they try to change scene of life without a guide means that from their holly bible which is the belief of God.

To be continue...